Sunday, July 27, 2008

Savannah's 1st Birthday

If you have little one's in your life than you probably have a few Baby Einstein DVD's around the house. While Savannah was watching TV I saw her giggle as this colorful caterpillar crawled across the screen and I thought, that would be an easy cake to make. It was a big hit with the big kids too!

I bought a soccer ball cake mold at Michael's and 3 boxes of chocolate and 3 boxes of white cake mix. The head is 2 balls put together with a couple cake pins to hold it together. The rest of the body is alternating white and chocolate half balls. I used 1 ball first cut in half and then cut into 2 1/2" strips (after all I am a quilter) to make the legs. To make the grass I put coconut and green food color in a plastic bowl, cover tightly and shake shake shake. I used Pillsbury Whipped icing to help keep it light weight and found the cookies at the grocery store last minute. That's all!

It whipped together quickly in an evening and is a lot more fun than a dry, boring store bought cake.

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