Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Quick Weekend Getaway

It's turning into a really hot summer here in Texas and I'm counting down the days until my Smoky Mountain vacation. In the meantime, my family took a quick weekend getaway to visit Grandma in NE Oklahoma and we added a few side attractions along the way. We took the H.E. Bailey turnpike to Oklahoma City and veered off onto Route 66.

If you're in Arcadia, Oklahoma be sure to make a stop at POPs Gas Station! It's really cool with a resturant and every flavor of soda you can possibly imagine IN A BOTTLE!

Now here's a whale of a tale - what would you think if one evening, your husband turned to you and said, "Hun, for our anniversary I'm goin' to build you an 80 foot whale out in our pond." That's just what Hugh Davis did, in Catoosa, Oklahoma. The whale was built in 1970 and my husband remembers his Grandma took him there to go swimming after it opened. Pretty cool - pretty crazy!

Just an hour across the border we found the Wilderness Drive-Thru Safari! This is a must see for the entire family, young and old. I'll admit I was there for the Kangaroo petting zoo, but fell in love with all of the baby animals.

I actually played with a lion cub and got in a cage with a monkey! Look closely, the girls a petting a Mommy kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. What's really amazing is the slightest move of Mommy and little joey disappears deep into the pouch in a flash.

This is Blake - a 3 month old baboon. Blake is my new best friend and we bonded very closely while grooming each other. He's such a sweetheart.

The only thing I love more than quilting, is spending time with my family. This was an amazing trip and the girls will not soon forget the special things we all were able to do together as a family.

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