Thursday, August 6, 2009

WIDE BACKING the smart choice!

Whether you just spent the past year meticulously hand piecing the blocks of your masterpiece or you whipped a quick scrappy out on your machine overnight, it's not a quilt until it's quilted. And before it's quilted you're going to have to make a decision about your backing fabric. Are you going to use 45 inch wide fabric and sew seams vertically or horizontally cross the back or are you going to buy wide quilt backing for a smooth seamless finish? Either option is perfectly acceptable, but here's a point to consider. Wide quilt backing is generally cheaper! I know, you're thinking about that new bolt of wide backing you just saw at the quilt shop that was $15.00 yard verse that 45 inch wide stuff that was only $9.00 yard.

Let's do the math:
A 90 x 90 inch quilt will require 2.5 yards of 108 inch wide backing at $15.00/yd = $37.50 Using 45 inch wide fabric will require 2 pieces, 2.5 yards each, seamed down the middle at $9.00/yd = $45.00. You could have saved $7.50!

And just because you're using wide backing don't think you have to use that boring old muslin your great-grandmother used! Check out these FABulous new 108 inch wide backings I just received from Moda's Collection For A Cause Legacy. They are AVAILABLE NOW ONLINE!

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