Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Quilting Season Again

It's Quilting Season!

For me, quilting season starts right after the kids go back to school.
That's when I find a few hours in the day to spend on myself. The first
week of school was a little crazy around here. I was stitching up a new
nap mat for my youngest and sewing school patches on uniforms for my
oldest. And in the midst of it all I had a bazzillion orders coming
through the front door of the shop.

Moda Panache by Sanae is one of the prettiest lines I've seen this fall - so I ordered nearly the entire collection! The pictures simply don't do it justice.

I've also been stocking up on a few new Farmers Market
fabrics as a last hurrah before then end of our summer gardens. At least
my okra is still doing well through the heat, but I had to suppliment
peppers, apples, lemons and carrots for these yummy fabric varieties.

Don't forget about those Quilt For A Cause projects. I still have Blank Fabric's Ovarian cancer collection and the new line of Karen Neuburger's Ribbons of Pink Hope from Quilting Treasures. It's PRECIOUS! Here's an idea - how about some quick
tissue cozies for gifts or donations?