Friday, November 20, 2009

2009 Mainstreet Madness Block Party Finishing Pattern

The 2009 Mainstreet Madness block of the month has finally come to an end. In this economy we all need to find better ways to budget our money. With this series we were able to reflect back to the 30's when times were tough and quilters utilized every scrap of material available to them. We carry the theme of a traditional sashing pattern to complement the traditional blocks we have made over the past 9 months.

To complete the quilt top you will need 24 sashing strips, 12 intersecting X blocks, 4 corner blocks and the 9 sample blocks you completed for Mainstreet Madness. Each of the sample blocks in this pattern are 12 1/2" unfinished.

Fabric Requirement:
1 1/3 yard of white (background & border)
1 1/3 yard of solid navy (sashing)

Cutting Instructions:
From white fabric cut
A - (14) 3 3/4" squares, cut diagonally twice
B - (2) 4" squares, cut diagonally once
C - (24) 2 3/4" x 12 1/2" rectangles
D - (6) 2" x WOF strips
From navy fabric cut
E - (16) 6 1/2" x 1 1/2" rectangles
F - (28) 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" rectangles
G - (48) 12 1/2" x 1 1/4" rectangles

Intersecting X blocks: Start with (2) A triangles and (1) F rectangle. Sew an A triangle to each side of the F rectangle, aligning the edges along one end of the narrow edge of the rectangle. Press your seams toward the center. Repeat. Next you will sew these (2) units to an E rectangle. Begin by finding the centers. Finger press E rectangle in half lengthwise or measure 3 ¼” and lightly mark with a chalk pencil. Fold both of the A/F units in half widthwise and finger press or lightly mark with a chalk pencil. You are ready to sew each A/F unit to the E rectangle. Be careful to line them up, making a perfect X. Finally, trim your square down to 4 ¼”. Important: Make sure the blue corners are trimmed evenly! You will repeat these steps until you have made 12 X blocks.

Corner blocks:
These blocks are constructed exactly the same way as the X blocks you just made. Except you will substitute (1) A/F unit for (1) B triangle. Trim and press. You will make 4 of these blocks.

Sashing Strips: These are constructed of (1) C rectangle and (2) G rectangles. Sew the G rectangles to each side of the C rectangle. Press your seams toward the center and repeat until you have made (24) sashing strips.
Assembly: To put it all together you will assemble the pieces row by row. Begin with the top and bottom sashing rows by sewing the following sequence of blocks end to end: corner block, sashing, X block, sashing, X block, sashing and corner block. Repeat. Note the direction of the corner blocks. Repeat this sequence twice more,
replacing the corner blocks with X blocks to make the middle sashing rows. To assemble the sample blocks rows, sew the following sequence: sashing, sample block, sashing, sample block, sashing, sample block, sashing. Repeat this sequence twice. Next sew all of the rows together starting with the top row.

Border: For the border you will sew (3) D strips together, end-to-end. Cut the strip in half and sew (1) to each side of
the quilt top. Trim off the ends. Repeat sewing (3) D strip together, end-to-end. Cut the strip in half and sew (1) to the top and (1) to the bottom of the quilt top. Trim off the ends.

When finished your quilt top will measure approximately 54” x 54”.

(Optional) A second border may be added. I recommend a 4 -6” border. To add the second border, simply follow the above instructions for adding the first border, changing the width of the strips to your desired border width.

Hallelluia Chorus

One of the few things I love more than quilting is music. I introduced my parents to my passion when I was in the 3rd grade, by bringing home a violin from school (remember the days when there were actual music classes in school?). I think everyone had that 1 teacher who truly inspired them, and for me it was Mr. Baggett, my high school choir director. I was blessed to be in one of the nations most accomplished choirs. My fondest memories come from our annual Christmas program, where we performed the Halleluia chorus and invited alumni in the audience to stand and sing with us. It gives me goose pumps still. Well, I found this funny YouTube video of silent monks singing the Hallelluia chorus and I couldn't help but laugh. I think you will enjoy it also.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Business After Hours

For a small town like Burkburnett, there is never a dull moment. On any given day there are a number of activities to mingle with neighbors and fill your belly with good food! I was caught in this weeks newspaper mingling with my neighbors, Guy Duke of Edward Jones Investments and Susan Mitchell of Joe & Joe and Granddaughter. Guy's business was the host of this months Business After Hours event and I can assure you I wasn't going to miss out on good chili and dessert! Tomorrow night I'll wander on over to the library for Family Pie Night... M'm!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quilter's Home Magazine Reader Poll

For my entire life I have considered myself somewhat funny. I love to crack jokes and sometimes have a little fun at the expense of someone else. Finally, after all these years, someone else gets my humor! Mark Lipinski sent me an email asking for my opinion in one of his reader polls. This particular poll really strum a chord with me and boy did I have fun with it!

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Quilter's Home Magazine January 2010!!!